Joseph Akinyele Ministries

Transforming lives one at a time.

Pastor Joseph Akinyele is an internationally recognized voice. A preacher & a teacher of God´s word. Joseph Akinyele is renowned for his worship & prophetic voice, humility and passion.
Although the power and glory of God can manifest anywhere without exception, it is a fact that Pastor Joseph has found favour with the Lord and brings down God´s presence when he leads worships. His pastoral office is visibly endowed with tangible love for his members and all the people around him no matter the culture and country. God’s faithfulness and divine hand upon his ministry is a testimony to all.

He is widely traveled and has ministered in the US, UK, Denmark, Sweden, Poland, Nigeria, Latvia, Germany, India, Canada, Ireland, Slovakia, Estonia, Russia, Netherland to name a few.
His ability to teach, sing and play the musical instruments is an unusual grace of God upon his life and ministry. These has helped him to minister and always leave an unforgettable experience of God´s presence in the hearts of his audience.

Pastor Joseph Akinyele is indeed a father, a pastor and a mentor to many. Married to Pastor Esther Akinyele and blessed with 2 children Sarah & JoelTimi.
Senior Pastor & Founder copy