About Dr. Joseph Akinyele

Transforming lives One at a Time

Although the power and glory of God can manifest anywhere without exception, it is a fact that Pastor Joseph has found favour with the Lord and brings down God´s presence when he ministers. His pastoral office is visibly endowed with tangible love for his members and all the people around him no matter the culture and country.


Our Mission

We believe God has called us to focus on building and raising Kingdom minded believers, disciples and influencers that will take the gospel of the kingdom from the four walls of the church to the communities they live in.

Our Vision

We have a vision of seeing people re-discover and return to their place in God’s plan. The ultimate purpose of the Ministry is to establish the Kingdom of God in the Nations and to encourage the Body of Christ to take up their places of responsibility here on earth.

Our Values

Worship is more than a Song we Sing, more than a service we attend, it is a Life-Style we live. Honor, we celebrate others, elevates and treat them with appreciation. Family, we seek to foster a life-giving community that inspires a positive change and a growing, intimate relationship with Jesus Christ.

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