Personal Transformation Trainings - PTT


  1. Raise the level of your discipline both spiritually and physically.

    We would work on how to organize your life spiritually. To do what we have to do and do it at the right time. There is a time to laugh; there is a time to work.

  2. Learn how to keep focused on what you are doing.

    We will get the basic prompts, but we have to develop them and get results.

  3. Improve your personal effectiveness.

  4. Fine tune your desire to work on your gifts

  5. Develop the ability to work unassistedPurposefulness – the ability to set boundaries and not change your plans to please others.

  6. Get to know God in a new way by learning to understand the voices within you.

    We should become serious with God and renew our relationship with Christ. God’s burden should constantly be inside of us, like molten lava when dormant in a volcano. We should not dedicate ourselves to just living our lives for ourselves, for life is a gift from God. Our only goal is to please God, to show Him we are ready to be His hope here on earth. Hence, the earth will not be lost. God will be proud of us because we have chosen to serve Him and not ourselves. We will see ourselves in a new way. I will see myself and my personality the way God sees me – in the way I need to represent Him, AMEN.

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God bless you.

Music Lessons

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